Tuesday, March 3, 2009


At last my first blog!!... after much procrastination...

During my school days, I used to write diary almost everyday, some very personal thoughts and my ambitions in life, my feelings and reactions about the things going on around me... During my graduation days, I stopped that habit due to an incident... then life became very fast for me, loaded with studies, trying to decide what to do next, worrying about job, convincing parents that I am ready to get married, getting married, trying to settle in a new family, accepting new family members... whew... didn't find the time to write my thoughts down...

but now life has slowed down a bit... I have a nice job, a best friend and partner, and a nice home, kind of settled life from an outsider's point of view... but I still have so many dreams to fulfill, sometimes I am so full of emotions, I feel the need to write them down... I find this new way of expressing views, thoughts, discussing topics very interesting... so wanted to start blogging since a long time... so let me start...

I will start with a topic that has been discussed time and again by almost everybody... what do we want from life? which is that one thing that will make us happy and contended with life? In my case, I have observed that the answer varies according to situation... If I ask this question to myself when I am in a very good mood, happy with the things in life, then I will say I wish to make more progress in life and career and do something worthwhile, contribute something to my society, make a mark in this world... on the days when I am sad and disappointed with the happenings around me, then I start regretting so many decisions that I have taken in my life and then the only thing I want is freedom; I wish to run away from everything and be free; forget everything and everyone; be alone and read a good book... Sometimes when I to buy something and due financial reasons, I cannot, I feel the only thing I need to be happy is money... I have lived more than one third of my life (I am considering the average age of an human being as 75 years) and still not figured out what I want from life...

it seems there is no end to the process of wishing... if we achieve something, we start wishing for something else... I wonder whether the great men on earth like Einstein, Picasso, Rabindranath Tagore, had all figured out what they want from life, or they also considered their life incomplete till the end?


  1. Nice Blog!! I agree and so will many others that most of us can't really tell what we want in life...You mentioned some great names in the end and I am sure that they did do the things they wanted to throughout their lives but I kind of feel that they would have died with some more ideas in their mind, which they were not able to implement.
    I mean, we have to be a Forest Gump to live life as it happens and still have no complaints and regrets.

  2. Life is too short, and we are too insignificant in broader scheme of things. So I try not to think too much and get depressed!

  3. you said it all dear. very crisply & truthfully written blog.i totally agree with u & m sure many others will too.but one thing, no ambitions,no thoughts, makes us mere animal in the woods.

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  5. very deep thoughts. I think all of us feel this kind of dilemma at some point of life or the other when we have all that we previously aspired for but still don't feel satisfied. But like Anuradha remarked, isn't that the interesting thing about life, otherwise life would get so mundane where one has no ambition, unfulfilled dreams, cravings, etc.

    About the last part where you wondered whether those great men ever figured out what they wanted from life or whether their dreams were fulfilled in the end - I can say for Genghis Khan that he died with an unfulfilled dream - to conquer the whole world - and tried hard to live longer to fulfil it. I think all great men die dissatisfied because they keep aiming for greater heights. So madam, if you are dissatified and want to achieve more and more, you have something in common with these 'great men'. :)

    However, I would say one thing that never regret your decisions or your past; learn from them and move on.

  6. it was nice to read ur blog , its a honest way to descibe ur thought............

    keep the the good way